Welcome to the Faculty of Land and Food Systems!
Grounded in Science | Global in Scope

H.R. MacMillan Building

What exactly does “Grounded in Science, Global in Scope” mean, anyway? Simply put, we use science to study the issues that matter in our world – from human nutrition to animal welfare, from food technology to sustainable agriculture.

We recognize that many of these issues today are not isolated. Nor is one discipline isolated from the next. Nutrition relates to Agriculture. Agriculture relates to Animals. So when we say, “Global in Scope”, we’re challenging our students to look at the security, sustainability, and welfare of all these issues from a global perspective.

We are a small faculty at UBC (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada). In 2005, we changed our name from “Faculty of Agricultural Sciences” to “Faculty of Land and Food Systems” to reflect our diverse programs. Our research initiatives are even more diverse – from soil research to wine research!

About Me


I don‘t consider myself a writer by any means. I am the Student Services Coordinator in the faculty – I advise students and provide information about our program. On occasion, I‘ll go out and promote our faculty at high schools and information fairs. This weblog has got to be the most ambitious “promotion” project I’ve undertaken so far!

I’m extremely proud of the initiatives my faculty is involved in and feel that there isn’t enough exposure as to what our faculty and students can do to make a difference in this world!

We’re passionate about our programs! I hope that somewhere among these pages you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what it is that we love about our faculty!




One Response to “About”

  1. Crooky Says:

    It sounds like an interesting program.

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