According to this morning’s CBC article, you may as well be sitting next to a smoker if you’ve got a printer sitting on your desk! A UBC professor, Stephen van Eeden says, “Just per mass, the amount of small particles that you inhale if you sit anything from two to three feet from the printer is about the same as sitting next to a person that smokes.”

How does this story relate to Land and Food Systems? Well it doesn’t, really, but I just might be on a long leave-of-absence 😉 Check out this photo of my desk area!


I spoke briefly with our team of IT experts, and they say that only the laser jet printers are harmful. Unfortunately for me, that’s a laser printer sitting on my desk. 😦

Panic! Panic! ….Panic??

Nah…In the end, I think I’ll still be here, working away. At most, MAYBE that printer will be moved (if I’m lucky). Oh well, the good thing is: we don’t print that much (as mentioned in my previous post, we’re a “paperless” office), so hopefully it’s not as harmful when our printer’s not in use.

In the meantime, I’m gonna go grab my super cancer-and-heart-disease fighting snack: Spartan Apple
Photo courtesy of East Kelowna Cider Company (