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Doh! Missed out on Blog Action Day! On Oct 15th, bloggers the world over talk about one issue – this year’s topic: our environment.

Oh well, regardless, it’s never a bad time to share ideas on how to be more sustainable! Here’s what our faculty is doing to help save the earth!

  1. Eco-friendly Research
    An organic bug spray was developed by our very own Dean (Murray Isman). It’s harmless to human health because it’s made of stuff you can find in your own kitchen! Marketed under the EcoSMART brand, check out the complete story here.
  2. Food Security
    Agora is a student-run café in the basement of our MacMillan building at UBC. Volunteers are contributing to food security by buying local and fair trade products wherever possible. They are responsible stewards of the environment by composting and producing as little waste as possible. These young global citizens are definitely worth applauding! Check out their website to see how one group project became one of the favourite spots for yummy and healthy food among our faculty and staff!
  3. UBC Farm
    Can anyone think of a better way for students to learn about sustainable agriculture and the connection between land and food than to get hands-on at our very own farm-within-the-city? Although Market Garden season is over now, you can still read up on community gardens, school field trips, and our upcoming Scarecrow Festival at the UBC Farm website!
  4. Courses in Sustainability
    Our faculty offers a handful of courses related to sustainability and the environment. Check out our website for more details!
  5. Paperless office
    Historically, all communications with students were recorded on paper. A student’s degree progress was also checked against a paper checklist. However, since UBC purchased new software (Degree Navigator), and improved its existing Student Information Service Centre, our faculty has become virtually a paperless office. For more information, check out the interview earlier this year with Lynn Newman-Saunders.More recently, we purchased new fax machines that have the option of forwarding all incoming faxes to email. Money-well-spent! If anything, it’s satisfying to know that spammers aren’t wasting our precious paper for their junk faxes! Score: Faculty 1, Spammers 0!